Postdoc Positions in Plant Evolutionary Genomics

Two postdoctoral fellowships in evolutionary genomics are available in the research group of Christian Parisod at the University of Bern. We investigate interactions between transposable elements and duplicated genes following whole-genome duplication (WGD).

Successful applicants will generate chromosome-scale sequence assemblies of multiple genomes across diploid Biscutella species (Brassicaceae) differing in genome size and chromosomal structure following an ancient WGD event. We also focus on variation within the Biscutella laevigata species that recently colonized the Alps following an additional WGD event (autopolyploidy). Comparative genomics, combined with population genomics and expression data sets will address the process of genome restructuring and evolutionary diversification during post-polyploid diploidization. The two postdocs will collaborate on either within vs among species analyses or according to their specific interests. Part of the work is a collaborative project with the Lysak group (CEITEC, Brno; Further synergies are expected with other group members addressing complementary questions, using natural and experimental populations of B. laevigata.
We are looking for candidates who have obtained a PhD degree within the last five years and show excellent background in comparative genomics and bioinformatics. Experience with either chromosome-scale genome assembly and annotation, analysis of transposable elements or duplicated genes and willingness to develop complementary expertise is welcomed. Successful applicants will be highly motivated to address evolutionary genomic questions and able to work independently yet open to frequent interactions with other members of our Swiss-Czech multi-disciplinary team.
We offer
Positions are available from 01.01.2021 (or upon agreement) and come with a highly competitive salary for up to three years on annually renewable contracts.
We offer a stimulating and supportive environment fostering collaborations with international research teams. The working language in our Institute of Plant Sciences is English. The group, nested within the Department of Biology, is located in the Botanical Garden of the central city of Bern and is therefore close to other major research centers in Switzerland and beyond.
To ensure full consideration, applications must be sent to as a single (!) PDF file including a cover letter describing research interests and achievements, a CV including publication list and details of three academic references. For additional information, contact Christian Parisod directly. Applications will be considered until 30.11.2020 or until the position has been filled.

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